Family Optical Office Tips: What Type of Vision Correction Is for You?

When you get the news that you need vision correction, you’ll need to decide whether you want glasses, contacts or laser surgery. Many family optical offices in Bolton, such as Bolton Vision Centre, offer options that will suit your needs and the decision is entirely yours to make. Some of the most vital factors that will help shape your decision are convenience and how much your vision problems impact your life.

Glasses: The Most Common Choice

Many people find that glasses are a very reasonable choice for vision correction. Parents with younger children often prefer that the children wear these devices because there aren’t any concerns about taking care of contact lenses properly. Bolton residents will be glad to know that most health benefits will help pay for a pair of glasses.

An Optometrist Shares 3 Considerations in Choosing Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses gives you the freedom that you won’t have when wearing glasses. With glasses, you need to find the right place to leave them while swimming or bathing, and you have to constantly deal with the sun getting in your eyes while spending time outside. Before visiting an optometrist in Bolton for help getting contact lenses, you need to give some thought as to which type of lenses are best for you. Contacts now come in a variety of different styles that have different benefits for patients.

Bolton Eye Care Provider: On Choosing the Right Type of Eyeglasses

Although many require glasses to see properly, it is easy to overlook the importance of the types of lenses that you choose, which may have a large impact on your quality of life. Many think only of the frame style and overall appearance. However, the different sorts of lenses that Bolton eye care providers offer may make a significant difference.

Aspheric Lenses

One lens type that may appeal to some is the aspheric type. Different from traditional lenses with the common spherical shape, these lenses have a flatter, thinner appearance because the curvature is more spread out on the lens surface. One advantage is a bigger range of vision as well as a better look for the glasses. Many people are self-conscious about glasses, and find that thinner lenses make a difference.

Signs You Should Schedule an Eye Exam at Your Local Optometry Clinic

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you know that you should visit your eye doctor at least once a year. Your optometrist will check your eyes for signs of any serious conditions like glaucoma and ensure that your prescription didn’t change in the last 12 months. Using a prescription that is even slightly off from what you need can leave you battling some long term damage in the future.

Even if you do not wear glasses, you may need to visit a Bolton optometry clinic or when you experience some specific symptoms.