Why the Need to Schedule Regular Eye Exams with Your Local Optometrist

There’s the popular statement: “your eyes are the windows to your soul”, and the same can be said inversely—that the eyes are the windows through which the soul observes the world. In that sense, you can’t help but imagine what it would be like to perceive the wonders all around without a good eyesight. The truth is, asking people to take proper care of their eyes is so cliché these days, yet you’d be surprised at the way people take them for granted and pay little attention until something goes wrong.

The human body is an interrelated organism so that what affects one part can potentially and ultimately do catastrophic damage to a totally different part, or to the rest of the body. A typical example is a severe eye disorder known as Diabetic Retinopathy that affects people with diabetes.

Eye Care in Bolton: The Importance of Having Comprehensive Eye Exams

Keeping your eyes healthy begins with the practice of having regular or comprehensive eye exams. Just like dental checkups, a comprehensive eye exam consists of several tests to assess your eye health and treat early signs of vision problems. It can also help detect eye diseases.

Most eye diseases, like diabetic eye disease and glaucoma, have no apparent symptoms or warning signs and, without an eye checkup, patients learn about the condition when it’s too late. The results of the eye checkup will determine your propensity for eye disease or if your eyes simply need the right eyewear to function well.

Here’s Why You Must Visit an Optometry Clinic for Standard Eye Exam


A local Bolton optometry clinic, such as Bolton Vision Centre, is a place reserved only for the visually challenged, right? Not quite. A good number of people (which might include yourself) might still believe the misconception that if you see well, your eyes are perfectly fine. An eye doctor gauges more than just visual acuity; with a comprehensive eye exam, your vision and the overall health of your eyes are assessed. So if you haven’t visited an eye doctor in a while, you might need to do so soon.

Take note that there are tell-tale signs that indicate the need for an urgent eye exam.